Aabel™ NG Support Information

Complimentary Maintenance Updates of Predated Aabel™ NG1, v4 (June 2014-December 2015)

The Last Update: The v4.20 build of Aabel™ NG1 includes all fixes and enhancement that had been implemented in the v4 version between June 2014 and December 2015.

December 1, 2015: Major Maintenance Update Release (Build: NG1, v4.20)

The v4.20 is an essential update that addresses important OS-related issues, provides fixes and workarounds for discovered bugs and glitches, and adds a major enhancement to import of shape files.

Addressing El Capitan-specific issues:

  • Fix for malfunctioning dialogs
  • Fix for missing displays
  • Adding ability for identifying the OS-induced issues that invalidates the license files:
    • Identifying the issues that are induced during the process of updating the System or/and using the Time Machine is the key for diagnosing and resolving the created problems rapidly and efficiently.


  • Major enhancement in import of shape files to enable handling of incorrect formats, where there are a mixed sequence of coordinates, some representing polygons and some having no polygon boundaries

Fixes for known bugs and glitches:

  • Fix for a bug that was triggered while generating XY coordinates from a selected path in the presence of multiple paths on a given chart pane
  • Fix for a bug in the Axis panel, which blocked automatic modification of the axis minimum value when changing the scale setting from linear to logarithmic
  • Addition of warning messages when one attempts performing a task on data that (i) he/she has removed from the Visualization & Statistics Pipeline (e.g., via X-zooming or applying inconsistent filter conditions), or (ii) are inconsistent with the task to be performed
  • Fix for a bug in the editing field of Color Theme Designer panel, which blocked modifying the default name of a color theme
  • Fix for rare issues that have been discovered during the Q3 and Q4 stress testing of the application
July 4, 2015: Maintenance Update Release (Build: NG1, v4.15)

The v4.15 update release includes:

  • Workaround for a System-related bug interfering with closing a viewer document with multiple modeless panels being open and one of which having keyboard focus in a ListView*.
  • Modification of behavior of the response axis in one-way, two-way, and three-way mean bars to allow setting the start value of the axis to a value other than zero.
  • Fix for a bug in the undo action in the worksheet calculator, which could be triggered following a sequence of calculations related to different variables in the same session.
  • * This System bug has been reported to Apple. Once it is fixed, the workaround will be removed. Until then, it is recommended to use the v4.15 update to minimize the chance of triggering the issue.

April 27, 2015: Maintenance Update Release (Build: NG1, v4.14)

The v4.14 update release includes:

  • Workaround for an unpredictable System-related bug that can cause a crash during close down of the viewer (i.e., the System keeps references to objects it has already deleted)*
  • Fix for a bug triggered when plotting Parallel Axes Frequency Dot Plot of Unpaired Samples from a data set having undefined values in the categorical levels
  • Fix for a bug in the Graphic Organizer panel
  • Fix for a glitch in font-remapping
  • Fix for a glitch in z-zooming the x-axes range in matrix of scatter graphs
  • * This System bug that was discovered during stress testing of the application, has been reported to Apple. Once it is fixed, the workaround will be removed. Until then, it is recommended to use the v4.14 update to minimize the chance of triggering the issue.

March 16, 2015: Q1 Maintenance Update Release (Build: NG1, v4.12)

The v4.12 update release includes:

  • Fix for glitches discovered during the Q1 stress testing
  • Further improvement of data caching
  • Fix for user-reported graph-customizing issues
  • Performance enhancement of n-dimensional line graphs with unusually large number of legend keys
January 8, 2015: Major Maintenance Update Release (Build: NG1, v4.10)

The v4.10 release is a major maintenance update including:

  • Fix for rare bugs and glitches discovered during Q4 (2014) stress testing of the application
  • A workaround fix for a COCOA rendering bug in Yosemite, which affects the appearance of disabled items in ListViews
  • Major enhancement of functionalities used for arranging and organizing graphics for presentation and illustration purposes
  • Updated user guide eBooks
  • Major enhancement of the data caching* feature (an indispensable ability of Aabel NG graphic viewer)
    * The Significance of Data Caching
  • In Aabel, each viewer document and all chart panes created on viewer pages are hot-linked to their source worksheet(s) via the Visualization & Statistics Pipelines, along path(s) that are (i) stored automatically at the time of creating the viewer and of generating the charts, and (ii) saved together with the viewer document.

    • Moving, renaming, or deleting the source worksheets that are data members of a Visualization & Statistics Pipeline will break their hot-links to the viewer and charts using the data. Data caching provides a solution for cases when one can not locate the position of renamed or moved worksheet files, or if the source worksheets have been deleted by error. That is, when saving an Aabel NG viewer document, it will include a cache of its source worksheets with their names and contents at the moment of saving.
    • When opening an existing viewer that has lost contact with its source worksheets, one can then choose to use the cached data, in which case the application will proceed with:
      • (a) Auto-generating new worksheets with the same name and contents as those of the saved cached data

        (b) Placing the generated worksheets in the same folder as that of the viewer document

        (c) Hot-linking the generated cached-based source files to the viewer document

October 20, 2014: Yosemite-Related Update Release (Build: NG1, v4.07)

The v4.07 release is an essential update for users who are moving to Yosemite, and includes:

  • Fix for a serious crash bug that was introduced in the Yosemite 10.10, Build 14A389, i.e., the OS version released on October 16, 2014
  • Other Yosemite-related issues that could potentially impact the functionality of the application
  • This update also includes the known bugs and glitches that had been fixed prior to release of 4.07 build.