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Complimentary Technical Support: Valid Period and Conditions

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  • Gigawiz at its own discretion provides complimentary technical support services for a period of ONE YEAR from the date you have acquired your license (the "Valid Period"), as follows:
    • The use of complimentary support is limited to the Valid Period and conditioned on the software being (i) the current version of the product, (ii) used on machines/devices that are consistent with the defined System Requirements, and (iii) used in a way that does not infringe on the software EULA.
  • To provide a fair and quick response to technical requests submitted by eligible users regardless of their geographic locations, support requests will be addressed via e-mail.
Notification to All Licensees:

    The software is licensed for use only on version(s) of the operating system that are consistent with the defined System Requirements that are clearly displayed on the front page of the software eBooks for each major version of the product (the "System Requirements").

  • The OS versions that are NOT consistent with the defined System Requirements shall in NO event be covered by complimentary maintenance and technical support.

Aabel™ NG2, v5 System Requirements As Defined in the Software eBooks

Mac Ssystem Requirements for Aabel NG2

Aabel™ NG2, v5 Licensees:
  • Pre-Requisite for accessing the complimentary support services is Registering Your License Online for technical support purposes.
    • Sending a request before having registered will block the request to be delivered to the support team
  • The support request must be submitted via the web form on this page.
  • If you have already registered your license, provide the required information and submit your request via the appropriate web form.

Aabel™ NG1, v4 Licensees:
  • If you have purchased your license of NG1, v4 less than a year ago, and have registered your license for technical support purposes, you are welcome to access the complimentary technical support services up to a year from the date you have acquired your NG1, v4 license.
  • Make sure to update the product to the last build of NG1, v4 (i.e., v4.20), if you have not already done so. For information about the released maintenance updates of the predated NG1, v4 product (release period: June 2014-December 2015), visit here.

Are you looking for information about the OUTDATED LEGACY v3 PRODUCT?

  • Visit here for information about:
    • Legacy v3: A product from the Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) era, with outdated OS technology beyond Mountain Lion (10.8)
    • What does transformation from legacy v3 product to NG2, v5 x64 mean?
    • Important information about backward file compatibility related to 32-bit legacy subsystems
  • For information about Aabel™ NG2, v5 x64 NEW licenses, pricing, educational eligibility, software activation and license management, visit here.
Submitting a Technical Support Request

    DO NOT USE THIS FORM for Bug Report Submissions.

    Causes for Delaying Delivery or Removal of Submitted Requests
  • Sending a request before Registering Your License Online for technical support purposes
  • Providing incorrect or misleading information
  • Fields marked by asterisks (*) are required.

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