Parallel Coordinates

Sigma or CI-Based Parallel Coordinates

  • Aabel allows displaying parallel coordinates with confidence interval (CI) of mean or σ of samples/groups.
  • The options for CI limit include 85, 90%, 95%, and 99%; the options for σ include ±1 σ and ±1.96 σ.
Example Graph

An Example of CI-Based Parallel Coordinates Plotted From a Published Dataset*

Parallel Coordinates With Confidence Interval of Mean)

* Source of data: Naldrett, A.J., Hewins, R.H., Dressler, B.O., and Rao, B.V. (1984). The Contact Sublayer of the Sudbury Igneous Complex, in the Geology and Ore Deposits of the Sudbury Structure (Edited Pye, E.G., Naldrett, A.J., and Gilblin, P.E.), pp. 253-274, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario.