Multiple Regression Analysis

Multiple Regression With Categorical Predictors

  • To perform multiple regression with qualitative/categorical predictors (e.g., group, gender, etc.), the effect of a qualitative variable having k levels in a multiple regression model is represented by constructing k-1 coded predictors using dummy coding.
The Analysis Output

The analysis output can include:

  • Multiple Regression Coefficients and Model Summary Report
  • Predicted and residual values (stored in an auto-generated worksheet)
  • ANOVA for the Significance of Full Model Regression
  • ANOVA Test Report for Contribution of Individual Predictors to the model
  • Normality Tests on Regression Residuals

Example output from multiple regression analysis of a dataset with three categorical predictors:

Multiple Regression

ANOVA for Multiple Regression With Categirical Variables

Normality Test on Regression Residuals

Normality Test on Regression Residuals