Gaussian Kernel Density Trace

Gaussian Kernel Density Chart for Exploratory Visualization

A Graph Designed for Exploratory Visualization of the Effect of Bandwidth on Kernel Density Estimation
  • In the GUI of Gaussian Kernel density trace Chart for exploratory visualization, where the bandwidth selector options are based on the rule of thumb methods, you can vary the bandwidth interactively and view the change in the kernel smoothness and hence the significant information that may be lost by over- or under-smoothing.
  • The rule of thumb bandwidth selector options include:
    • Silverman's approach using sigma
    • Silverman's approach using IQR
    • Percentage of sample range
Example Graphs

Examples of Gaussian Kernel Density Trace Charts Based Different Rule of Thumb Bandwidth Selector Options

(a) Silverman's IQR Approach

Kernel Density Trace Using the Silverman's IQR Approach

(b) User-Defined Sample Range Approach

Kernel Density Trace Using the User-Defined Sample Range Approach