Exploratory and Basic Heatmaps

Basic Heatmap Optional Scaling of Z-Values

  • This diagram displays a worksheet matrix layout using a color scale, i.e., the color of each cell (within the color scale applied) is determined by its values.
  • Allowing (a) to represent the cell values using a circular-shaped frame insert or square-shaped frame insert, and (b) to scale the frame-insert size to absolute cell values.
Example Graphs

A Heatmap Diagram Showing the Mauna Loa CO2 Monthly Mean for 1986-2007*

Basic Heatmap

* Source of data: NOAA ESRL (http://www.esrl.noaa.gov)

Representing Cell Values Using Circular-Shaped or Square-Shaped Frame Insert, and Scaling the Insert Size to Absolute Cell Values

Heatmap With Cell Values Displayed Using Circular-Shaped Frame Insert

Heatmap With Cell Values Displayed Using Square-Shaped Frame Insert