Hierarchical Cluster Analysis

Exploratory Dendrogram

The exploratory dendrogram provides features for:

  • Use of clustering for classification purposes
  • Data brushing by dragging around a cluster node (.e., selecting data objects linked to a given cluster node)
  • Isolating the selected data objects for further analysis
  • Mapping classification colors to object markers, and displaying the markers
The Analysis Output

Hierarchical Cluster Analysis of Fisher Iris Data*: Classifying Clusters Based on a User-Defined Threshold Level

Exploratory Dendrogarm Grouping Threshold Guide

Data Brushing via Selecting a Given Cluster Node

Exploratory Dendrogarm: Selecting Data Objects Linked to a Cluster Node

Data Brushing

* Source of data: Fisher (1936), reproduced by Andrews and Herzberg (1985): Andrews, D. F. and Herzberg, A. M. (1985). Data - A Collection of Problems From Many Fields for the Student and Research Worker. Springer-Verlag, New York.