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Technical Support of Aabel™ NG

  • For complimentary technical support services, which is provided for a period of ONE YEAR from the date you have acquired your license, and the related conditions, visit the Technical Support Request page.

Are you looking for information about the OUTDATED LEGACY v3 PRODUCT?

  • Visit here for information about:
    • Legacy v3: A product from the Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) era, with outdated OS technology beyond Mountain Lion (10.8)
    • What does transformation from legacy v3 product to NG2, v5 x64 mean?
    • Important information about backward file compatibility related to 32-bit legacy subsystems
  • For information about Aabel™ NG2, v5 x64 NEW licenses, pricing, educational eligibility, software activation and license management, visit here.

Pre-Order Licensing Information

  • For pre-order information including the following topics, review License Types, Pricing, and Pre-Order Information, including:
    • Pricing of different license types
    • Educational license eligibility conditions and verification
    • What your order includes and other related information
    • Software activation and entitlements

Order-Related Enquiries

  • Order processing and distribution of Gigawiz software products are through the international retailer FastSpring. Their customer service will help you with any order-related problems you may have.
  • Order-related enquiries include question about:
    • Software delivery and download link
    • Copy of your invoice/receipt
    • Any order submission problems

Other Pre-Purchase Information Request

Pre-Purchase Information Request