Exploratory Features of XY Scatter Chart

X-Zooming Into a Region of Data on XY Scatter Charts

Walking Through a Hierarchy of Continuous Data
  • X-Zooming using the X-zoom tool allows step-wise excluding and re-including the data-objects that are outside the zoomed area of a chart.
  • When you use the X-zoom tool, the exclusion of data is not a visual effect. the data are excluded from the Visualization & Statistics Pipeline, and hence excluded from any analysis you may perform.
  • Below, is shown the effect of a one-step X-zooming. However the X-zoom tool allows excluding and re-including data in a stepwise manner.

BMD in the Distal Radius With Age in Healthy Adults*

Plotting the Original Data Before X-Zooming

X-Zooming Into a Region of Data

Plotting the Data After a One-Step X-Zooming

Data Outside the X-Zoomed Area Are Excluded Fro the Graph

* Sorce of data: S. Itoh, T. Ohta, H. Samejima and K. Shinomiya (the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Nakano General Hospital and Kobari General Hospital, Tokyo, Japan): Journal of Hand Surgery (British and European Volume, 1999) 24B: 3: 334-337.