Thematic Map Diagrams

Thematic Contour of Matrix Data

  • This graph type allows Contouring a regular grid (matrix data) and displaying the contoured Z-values (using a color scale) within the boundaries of a polygon mask, with optional display of additional geographic boundaries over the thematic contour.
Example Graph

A Thematic Contour of Matrix Data; Z-Values: 2009 State Energy-Related CO2 Emissions (Million Metric Tons)*

Thematic Contour of Carbon Dioxide Emissions

* Source of data:

The components of Thematic Contour of Matrix Data

The components of thematic contour diagram will be combined on the fly as you select the appropriate variables for plotting the graph in the Chart Designer panel. These components include:

  • Matrix data used for contouring:
    • Using Aabel gridding utilities, you can grid the XYZ data to generate a matrix that can be used for thematic contouring.
  • The clipping (spatial) mask polygon coordinates:
    • Using Aabel Polygon Data Merger/Optimizer utility, you can merge polygons to create the required spatial mask and generate the required data (i.e., the XY coordinate pair of the spatial mask).
  • The map polygons of geographic boundaries that you may want to display on the map:
    • Using map projection utilities, you can create the required consistency in projection parameters of different data sets used in this diagram.