Ternary Scatter and Ternary Bubble Charts

Ternary Scatter Chart

  • This is a 2D projection of a ternary plot, showing the relative proportions (as percentages) of three variables on three axes. It has the option of plotting the chart clockwise or counterclockwise, and the data points can represent K >=1 groups of data object(s).
  • Precise zooming into a sub-triangle region of data within a ternary chart can be done using controls in the ternary axis panel.
Ternary Error Convex Hulls
  • Generating a ternary chart involves transforming three variables to ratios of three dependent proportions that are plotted in a 2D simplex. Accordingly, the error bar settings defined for individual variables can not be applied independently to a ternary plot.
  • Aabel calculates 33 possible combinations for each ternary data point and uses the convex hull to delineate the resulting error region.
Example Graph

A Ternary Scatter Chart Displaying Error Convex Hulls

Ternary Error Convex Hulls