Data Flow in Aabel NG Data Pipelines

Schematic Representation of Data Flow

Data BrushingExample 1

  • Data Sources is a reference to Aabel worksheet documents.

  • Data Pipelines Central Router Engine: Works like a multiplexer/demultiplexer, managing multiple operations that will be executed based on tasks you are performing in viewer documents or data processing utilities.
  • The graphic viewer data users include:
    • Stats Analyzer panel (which provides GUI controls for using the statistics and multivariate analysis modules)
    • Chart Designer panel (which provides GUI controls for using exploratory visualization and creating different chart types)
    • Curve Fit panel (which provides GUI controls for applying regression to appropriate graph types)
    • Error Bar panel (which provides GUI controls for adding error bars to appropriate graph types)
    • Axis panel (which provides GUI controls customizing the axis attributes of different chart types)
    • Legend* panel (which provides GUI controls for customizing the legend attributes of different chart types

      * Legends are auto-generated to provide information about the displayed data on charts, by means of legend keys that convey graphical information.