K-Means Cluster Analysis

ANOVA Report & Cluster Information

The output can include:

  • K-means cluster analysis ANOVA report:
    • ANOVA tests are conducted to see which variables contribute most to the clustering solution.
  • Cluster centers by variable
  • Distances beetween cluster centers:
    • If you have asked Aabel to standardize the data prior to analysis, it will also generate a table of cluster centers that have been transformed back to original units (the larger the distances between the clusters, the greater the dissimilarities).
  • Number of objects/cases in each cluster
Table Reports From K-Means Clustering

K-means Clustering: ANOVA Report

>K-means Clustering: Cluster Centers (Data Standardized)

K-means Clustering: Cluster Centers Transformed Back to Original Units

K-means Clustering: Distance Between Cluster Centers

K-means Clusteing: Number of Objects in Each Cluster