Histograms of Continuous Data

Univariate and 2D Histograms

Univariate Histogram
  • Histogram (Absolute count)
  • Relative histogram (%)
  • Cumulative histogram
  • Cumulative relative histogram
  • Z-Score histogram (absolute count)
  • Z-Score relative histogram
2D Histogram
  • Binning X and Y dimensions to create a 2D matrix that holds the counts of the number of XY pairs that fall into each bin, and displaying the resulting graph by a continuous color scale.

Univariate histogram types provide the ability to display the relative proportion of groups of data objects.

Example Graphs

Examples of Univariate (Absolute Count) and 2D Histograms

A Histogram Displaying the Relative Proportion of Groups of Data Objects

A 2D Histogarm