REE/Multi-Elements Spidergrams Module

Group-Based REE or Multi-Elements Bands Diagram

  • The newly added group-based n-dimensional REE/multi-elements bands diagram to Specialized Module for Geochemical Data in Aabel NG2, v5 Enables:
    • Displaying REE/multi-elements spidergrams in which groups of data objects are differentiated by color bands whose color attributes are taken from the source worksheet data object marker colors
    • Comparing different groups of spidergrams from large datasets*

    * The actual group IDs can be displayed by editing the textual contents of the legend keys.

Example Graph

An Example of Group-Based REE Diagram Differentiating Two Groups of Spidergrams by Color Bands

Group-Based REE / Multi-Elements Bands

  • Here, the category labels for the missing element Pm is removed from the diagram X-axis.