REE/Multi-Elements Spidergrams Module

Specialized Module for Geochemical Data

  • This specialized module allows generating n-dimensional spidergrams for comparing abundance of rare earth elements (REE) or multi-elements of an analyzed rock sample normalized to their abundance in type-rocks (i.e., known reference rocks).
  • Concentrations are expected as parts per million (ppm) of the element, including P, K, and Ti.
  • Aabel is distributed with a built-in library of 30 type-rocks plot definitions. In addition, instructions are provided for building and applying a user-defined library.
  • If a "double normalized" graph is required, using the feature is as simple as checking a checkbox.
  • In addition to traditional spidergrams, the module in Aabel NG2, v5 provides ability for generating group-based n-dimensional diagrams, providing (i) flexibility for exploratory visualization of spidergrams, and (ii) feasibility for comparing different groups of spidergrams from large datasets.
Example Graphs

Sudbury Structure: Chondrite-normalized REE Patterns for Contact Sublayer Samples From the South Range

REE Geospider Diagram

  • Here, the category labels for the missing elements Pr, Pm, Gd, Dy, Ho, Er, and Tm are removed from the diagram X-axis (for more examples of this optional feature and its applicability, visit here).

Group-Based REE/Multi-Elements Diagram Differentiating Two Groups of Spidergrams by Color Bands

Group-Based REE Geospider Diagram

  • Here, the category labels for the missing elements Pm and Eu are removed from the diagram X-axis.