Exploratory Data Analysis Capabilities

Interactive Data Filtering

  • Interactive data filtering allows activating/deactivating a filter during exploratory visualization and data analysis.
Graphical Representation of Interactive Data Filtering

The illustrations below show an example of how a defined filter criteria* can be applied interactively:

  • The example is from a data set that represents a billing system for service activities of a given practice. The data are related to health coverage instances covered by different insurance groups in the period of Jan-15-04 to Mar-15-04, as follows:

      (a) The frequency of service date during a three-month period in a given year, related to seven insurance groups.

      (b) The frequency of instances covered by each insurance group during the illustrated date period.

      (c) The resulting graph after interactively activating a filter with criteria shown in (d), which includes instances of three of the insurance groups for the period of Feb-15-04 to Mar-15-04.

Interactive Data Filtering

Defining Filter Conditions

* Filters can be defined using either the graphic viewer Filter panel or the worksheet Filter panel. The created filters are automatically stored in the user domain, and are globally available to all existing and new viewer documents.