About Gigawiz

    2016: Gigawiz™ 15th Anniversary

  • Gigawiz Ltd. Co., established in 2001, is an OK-based scientific software development company with a long-term plan for creating original and innovative exploratory analytics, combining statistics, multivariate analysis, thematic mapping, multidimensional data filtering, and scientific graphing.
  • The core development team comprises experienced scientists with a strong background in multidisciplinary basic and applied research and programming.
Aabel™ NG: An Icon of Power and Modeless Simplicity for Professional Users
  • February 2016:
    Aabel NG2, v.5 x64
  • June 2014:
    Aabel NG1, v.4 x64
Transformation Leap From the Legacy Code to Aabel™ NG

In 2009, Gigawiz committed to a 5-year special project and massive development effort, rewriting millions lines of code to transform Aabel™, the Gigawiz flagship Product, into an icon of power and simplicity for professional users via:

  • Modernization and optimization of the main processing code
  • Complete Carbon (32-bit)-to-Cocoa (64-bit) transformation
  • The state of the art in new design and modeless simplicity
  • Unmatched integration of statistics and multivariate data analysis, exploratory analytics, charting and thematic mapping, data processing utilities, practical use and graphic quality
  • Minimizing overhead between the user interface and the main processing code (a crucial step for sustainability and future development)
  • Replacement of high-level Cocoa classes with Aabel NG-specific code, a key alteration for any part of the application that requires high performance with large data sets
  • Addition of numerous new features

Aabel™ Legacy Versions (2002 to 2008)
  • 2008:
    v3 release
  • 2006:
    v2 release (the first Universal version of the application)
  • 2004:
    v1.5 release
  • 2002:
    v1 release